Board Examination and License

Steps for processing provisional license and the nursing board examination


Step I: Complete the Application for Provisional License, Examination, and Associate or Generalist Nurse License.


Page 1:

  1. 2×2 photo
  2. Affidavit and notary seal
  3. Part A. Personal and Academic History: complete personal information requested.


Page 2:

  1. Part B. Nursing Education Program Certification: submit the application to the Office of the Registrar to be completed by the Registrar.
  2. Part C. Additional Education
  3. Part D: Personal References


Page 3:

  1. Part E: Health Certificate
  2. Part F: Indicate if you hold a provisional or permanent nursing license. Mark Yes or No.


Page 4: Instructions:


Step II: Gatherthe documents required in the application.


Step III:Submit the application and required documentation to the Puerto Rico Examining Board of Nurses (See instructions in the back of the form)



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