Outcomes per Graduated Class

Outcomes per Graduated Class

The outcomes reached per graduated class from the Atenas College Associate Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant will be presented in the table below. Outcomes will be shown in terms of percentage per each graduated class, considering the following: student satisfaction with the program of study; graduation rate; employability rate; and licensure exam pass rate. The years provided are the actual years of graduation for each class.

Aspect to Evaluate






Graduate’s satisfaction with the program of study 100% 94%  


Employers’ satisfaction 100% 100% 100%
Graduation rate 100% 92.9% 88%
Employability rate 86% 100% 100%
First time licensure exam pass rate 27.27%* 28.57%*
Ultimate licensure exam pass rate 31%* 27.27%* 28.57%*


Aspect to Evaluate

2-year Average for Graduates


(PTA2017-1/ PTA2017-2)

Graduation Rate 90.45%
Employment Rate 100%
Ultimate Licensure Exam Pass Rate 27.78%*

* Licensure pass rates per student or cohort are not available from the Puerto Rico Physical Therapy Examining Board. The data are obtained through a telephone interview with graduates.


Updated August 2021