Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Message from the Program Director

The Science in Nursing Program has a goal of offering an environment that favors achieving excellence and quality education, as well as preparing professionals with the greatest dedication and endeavor to develop future competent professionals within the world of work of Nursing Science. For many years, this branch of the health field has been an essential part in management and direct care to the patient. It is with great satisfaction that I express that the progress of Atenas College Nursing Program is due to the commitment of a highly qualified faculty, the administration, and its academic-administrative staff. Day after day, our faculty provides their knowledge and puts into practice a variety of educational tools, succeeding in promoting in our student dedication, effort, and commitment for the career they have decided to pursue. We have the first simulated hospital in Puerto Rico, which enables our student to develop competencies of leadership, teamwork, use of technology, application of critical thinking to make decisions in offering patient-centered care, and to foster in them the importance of an evidence-based practice. More than being a complete program, we are a great family with the commitment to educate and prepare competent professionals who can contribute the best of themselves to society. Receive our warmest welcome!

Mariceli Morales Santiago BSN, MSN, CNS, MD.

Nursing Program Director

Nursing Science Program Mission Statement

We are a program that provides a student-centered safe learning environment, considering cultural and spiritual diversity through the offering of arts, science, information and communication technologies, fostering lifelong learning and preparing the student to be responsible in its social and professional surroundings.


Nursing Science Program Vision Statement

To be the best Nursing Science program that prepares highly competent leaders to provide care centered in the patient, family, and the community at a local, national or international level, fostering a culture of quality and safety.


Nursing Science Program Values

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing has seen that throughout its academic curriculum the student can develop the following values:


  • Honesty
  • Processional ethics
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional conduct
  • Courtesy
  • Safety
  • Responsibility within the academic institution and the clinical practice sites
  • Competencies and abilities


Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is designed to prepare generalist nurses with the skills for leadership, interdisciplinary teamwork, use of technology, information skills, principles of quality management, and the development of a culture of quality and safety centered in the patient/client. Includes principles of research, evidence-based practice, as well as communication and the application of clinical judgment for decision-making. Graduates from this program will be able to perform in public or private institutions that require healthcare services. Upon completion of their degree, students will be prepared to take the licensure examination offered by the Puerto Rico Examining Board of Nurses. This program consists of 120 credits distributed in 9 academic terms to be completed in approximately 3 years to a maximum of 4.5 years.


Curricular Conceptual Model

The curricular conceptual model of the Nursing Science Program is founded on the following educational theories: P. Jeffries/National League for Nursing Simulation theory (2015); D. Kolb’s Experiential Learning theory (1970); and D. Schön’s Reflective Practitioner theory (1987). These theories hold the four pillars that sustain the needs of the client: 1) safe and efficient care environment; 2) health promotion and maintenance; 3) psychosocial integrity; and 4) physiological integrity. The conceptual model is based learning through competencies, which are developed through the curriculum. These competencies include general education competencies and professional competencies.

Program Philosophy

The direction of the Nursing Program, in harmony with Atenas College philosophy and that of its Degree Division, postulates encouraging the student toward an inquisitive attitude with regards to the nature of the human being, maintaining its balance and the responsibility with themselves, to society in general, and all the more, their particular community.


We believe that the human being is in constant self-motivation and dynamism interacting with its internal and external environment. Variations to this environment affect their behavior and adaptability in their growth and development process. It manifests basic needs, which should be satisfied to a sufficient degree to maintain their balance and wellbeing.


The human being is influenced by past and present experiences, by heredity, and the environment; is constantly changing responses to stimuli in order to maintain an optimal level in the health-illness continuum.


We believe that health is a state of physical, social, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Men seek to reach such wellbeing, thus achieving its balance.


The nursing student will face the principles and concepts of natural science, human behavior, and social science applied to nursing throughout their studies. They will also face the development of ethical, moral, and intellectual values and their applicability in the exercise of the nursing profession.


Nursing is a humane service based on scientific theories that promote health through the nursing process. Through this process, it helps clients that cannot take care of themselves; and assist the individual, family, and community.


The nursing process is a systematic scientific method used by the nursing professional to achieve the client’s goals and identify their state of health, current and potential problems, their needs, to develop plans that satisfy these needs and carry out nursing interventions.


A Professional Nurse is a person who holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They derive their knowledge from natural, social, and humanist sciences and nursing science, to achieve the goals of promoting health, prevent diseases, and help in rehabilitation, and to die in peace and with dignity.


A Technical Nurse is a nurse who holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They base their knowledge in natural science and from human conduct. They use the nursing process to identify current and potential health disorders of clients and plan their care. They can provide services by contract to agencies or people under the direction of a nursing professional.


We believe that through the teaching-learning process a human resource in the health field is developed, prepared to carry out quality performance in providing nursing care.

Nursing Program Organizational Chart